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Create forms to collect information from your site visitors

Want people to be able to contact you through your website easily and efficiently? You can build a form for that. Want people to resister for some special event through your website? You can build a form for that.

Forms Manager

Add/Edit Fields

Forms Manager:
The is the 'overview' screen where you manage the forms you've created. From here you can choose to...
  • Create a new form
  • Edit one of your saved forms (e.g., to add or modify fields)
  • Delete one of your saved forms
  • Preview your saved forms (i.e., so you can get a quick visual to make sure it's the right one before clicking the edit button)

Add/Edit Fields:
This is the real heart of the web forms feature, where you actually build and edit your form and its fields.
  • Add, modify, remove, and reorder the fields whenever you want (i.e., you can come back later and make more changes even after you've placed the form on a site page).
  • All the standard field types like text boxes, drop-down menus, radio/checkbox option groups, and comment boxes.
  • Add File Upload so visitors can send you files. Note: We recommend that you only allow registered members to access forms with File Upload fields in them.
  • Special behavior options for each field type (e.g., whether a field should be required, which check box in a set should be checked by default).
  • Control styles for each individual field (e.g., whether label should be displayed next to or above field, whether to list radio options vertically or horizontally)
Form Styles

Drag-and-drop your forms onto site pages

Form Styles:
This is a tab within the Add/Edit Fields screen with options you can use to control the look & feel of your form on the whole (vs. the look & feel of a specific field).
  • Form Body styles - Set width, border, padding, margin, and background color of the form itself (e.g., setting a border here would put a border around the entire form)
  • Field Label styles - Control the font, style, position, and alignment of your field labels.
  • Submit Button styles - What should the submit button for your form look like? What should it say? Where should it appear?

Place Form on Page:
When you drag-and-drop the "Forms" icon onto a site page via the
Page Editor, a dialog appears with options you can use to define what happens when a visitor submits your form.
  • Email the visitor's data to one or more email address
  • Store the visitor's info in a data table that you can download and import as a spreadsheet (and/or use as list for eNewlsetter campaigns).
  • Redirect site visitor to a "Thank You page" of your choosing after they submit the form.
  • Send visitors a response right away with a custom auto-reply message
  • Web developer note: You can upload and use your own fully-custom html forms if you want to.
  • Aside from the forms you create yourself, generic 'contact us' and 'newsletter signup' forms also come pre-installed to get you started.


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