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What is a Template?

Your website's template is the overall look, feel, and layout of your website. With Soholaunch you'll have lots of options for choosing a unique design layout, customizing it with your own logo images, slogans, etc, plus plenty of tools you can use to add special features like "latest news" boxes that you can control with the Blog Manager, SitePal virtual characters with unique messages for each site page, and more.

Lots of ways to get the unique look & feel you want

Choose from the pre-installed designs
Create your own with the Template Builder
Every copy of Soholaunch includes (at minimum) 150+ pre-installed template designs for you to choose from. There are industry-specific templates (e.g., Real Estate, Construction) as well as general-use templates.

Create your own template(s) by choosing from 5 standard layouts, creating your own color scheme, and adding your own header image, slogan text, etc.
Get a template from the Soholaunch Addons website Got HTML skills? Add your own!
Soholaunch Addons
The hub for Soholaunch Pro Edition plugins and custom templates. New templates get posted here almost daily...these generally blow the factory templates out of the water in terms of design and features.

If you can build a standard html design layout (whether you hand-code it or use a program like Dreamweaver), you won't have any problems creating Soholaunch-compatible templates...they're just straight html — no complicated xml to learn or anything like that.

Template Manager

The Template Manager feature inside the Soholaunch admin tool is where you manage all of your template styles and settings.
  • Assign unique templates to specific site pages
  • Add your logo image, site heading, and company slogan.
  • Easy to add in your own custom templates, and also easy to convert html template designs you've already created or purchased elewhere.
  • Growing market for premium Pro Edition templates


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