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What is SitePal?

SitePal is a web-based subscription service that allows small business owners to easily create an animated speaking characters for their website.

Use a SitePal character as a smart virtual employee, who can enhance your website to be more engaging and efficient. With SitePal's added new functionality, small business owners can easily configure their SitePal characters to conduct important business tasks: collecting leads, answering FAQ's, and having an intelligent chat with customers.

SitePal Small Business Solutions
(Click on the images to see each example working)

Collect Leads Answer FAQs Intelligent Chat

How does SitePal work?

SitePal provides a rich, easy-to-use online interface that makes the process of designing, managing and publishing your characters a breeze!

1. Design it 2. Script it 3. Publish it

Choose a model and customize the hair, color, clothing and accessories to create your OWN sales agent.

Record your voice one of the following 4 ways:

Drag & drop your SitePal character into your Soholaunch-powered website
  • Record by phone
  • Record by microphone
  • Text to speech
  • Upload an audio file


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