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Website Traffic Statistics

Effective websites never stop maturing. You'll always be updating one aspect or another. The idea is to focus those changes and updates on areas where they will make the biggest impact on your visitors' experience.

The Site Statistics feature gives you a great at-a-glance summary of your visitors' browsing behaviours. It tells you how many visitors your website received over a given time period and which areas of your site received the highest traffic.

Views By Hour

Unique Visitor Trends

  • Typical use: When to expect sales (high-traffic time) and when to make changes (low-traffic time)
  • Shows total hits per hour over an entire month
  • Mouse-over a particular hour of the day to see specific hit count for that hour

  • Typical use: How much traffic did my site get this month compared to last month? And the month before that? And what about that one crazy month? Have I topped it yet?
  • Total page views
  • Visit frequency
  • Average pages per visit
Top 25 Pages

Views By Day

  • Typical use: Find out which to pages to focus on (as in, updates)
  • List of all site pages ranked by hit count
  • Rank, page name, and number of hits displayed for each page

  • Typical use: Gauge response to special announcements, marketing campaigns, etc.
  • Bar graphs for each month
  • Total page views for month
  • Measurement for each day - height of bar represents number of hits
  • Put your mouse cursor over a particular day to see specific hit count for that day

Referrer Sites

Browser/Operating System

  • Typical use: Find out who's linking you!
  • Also: gauge effectiveness of off-site advertisements, cross-promotion deals, etc.
  • List of sites that have referred visitors to your site
  • Sites listed by month
  • Ranked by number of visitors sent your way

  • Typical Use: How much will it really matter that the custom java news ticker you found on hotscripts.com only works in Internet Explorer?
  • Percentage of visitors browsing your website with Internet Explorer
  • Percentage of visitors using a different browser like FireFox/Mozilla
  • Percentage of visitors running a PC powered by MS Windows
  • Percentage of visitors running something other than an IBM-compatible PC with Windows (i.e. Mac with OSX)

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