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Soholaunch's Shopping Cart feature helps you develop and manage all types of online stores; from small and simple, to big and complex. Effortlessly configure product categories, shipping methods, tax rates, payment options, exchange policies, and much more; all without typing a single line of code.

When your customers buy something from your website, you can now set up your checkout process to calculate shipping charges differently based on what country you'll be shipping the item to.

Easily add products to sell on your website

  • Add an unlimited number of items to your eCommerce store
  • Define keywords for product searches
  • Assign thumbnail and full size product images
  • Specify price variations for different product-specific options
  • Create descriptions and detail pages
  • Require form data when item is purchased
  • Promote with related items and accessories at checkout
Popular payment methods for painless transactions

  • Choose from online and offline processing methods
  • Use any combination of payment methods you wish
  • Accept specific credit cards with offline or online processing
  • Accept customer payments through PayPal (no merchant account required), Verisign, and other gateways
  • Secure shopping cart orders with an SSL certificate
  • Charge shipping by item and sub-total
  • Apply state taxes based on shipping address
  • Display privacy, shipping, return/exchange, and other policies
Plenty of excellent checkout options

  • Create and name unlimited site templates
  • Organize products into multiple categories
  • Automatically decrement inventory upon purchase
  • Choose, create, or customize colors and store layout
  • Create product searches and upselling associations
  • Remember repeat customer information automatically
  • Charge shipping by item and sub-total
  • Allow site visitors to make product comments
  • Restrict access to specified products and/or bulk pricing


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