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Secure Users Feature Overview

Protecting portions of your website from public access is one of the most common tasks in creating advanced web sites and web applications. Aside from extensive user-management functions, the Secure Users features also allows you to create multiple levels of access through user-defined security codes, or "groups".

Administrative tools for managing a community of customers

  • Restrict access to virtually anything: Site Templates, Shopping Cart products and categories, Event Calendars, and all features therein
  • Organize users into groups with different "clearance levels"
  • Create an unlimited number of secure users and groups
  • Batch authenticate thousands of users at once with Database Table Manager
  • Give users access to multiple clearance levels on an individual basis
Issue members and clients a "VIP pass" to your website

  • Grant Secure Users access to special areas of your site
  • Billing and shipping data can be automatically "remembered" when Secure Users make Shopping Cart purchases
  • Allow Secure Users to manage their own information through your website
  • Create custom searches for rosters, member directories, etc, that allow users to edit their personal data when viewing their own record in the search results
  • Provide secure users with personal Events Calendar that they can maintain


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