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Photo Album Overview

The Photo Album module allows you to create and manage slide-show type photo albums with captions.

For schools and other organizations, this feature serves as an organized, attractive way to make pictures available online. Plus, because each image within an album can be linked to a site page or another website, the Photo Album can also be used as an online portfolio.

If our standard Photo Album feature isn't enough for you, this one will be...
Premium Photo Gallery Plugin - Created by Soholaunch customer ViaStep, Inc. Available now on the Soholaunch Addons website.

Create and edit your photo albums in Pro Edition

Place up to 20 pictures in each album with captions and links for each

  • Create an unlimited number of separate Photo Albums
  • Place up to 20 pictures in each album
  • Easily make changes to existing albums
  • Annotate each image with captions
  • Link each image to other sites or full-size images
  • Drag-and-drop albums onto site pages


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