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Database Table Manager

Managing MySQL database tables has never been so easy. The Database Table Manager gives you total control over you're MySQL database tables. You can change and add fields, edit individual entries, and also search your tables within Soholaunch Pro Edition.

Should you need to download your order tables, customer lists, or other data files from your website, you can do so through the View / Download Site Data Module. Database tables can be downloaded and modified through Microsoft Excel, or other such programs, then imported back into website data tables.

Easily create robust, database-driven features for your site

  • Create and delete user database tables
  • Add, delete, and modify individual records
  • Rename, delete, and add fields to your data tables
  • Batch authenticate thousands of secures users in only a few clicks
  • Create custom searches for rosters, member directories, etc, that allow secure users to edit their personal data when viewing their own record
Save countless hours by updating all-at-once

  • View and empty all site data tables, including system tables
  • Download data tables in .csv format and modify them as spreadsheets
  • Import .csv data from spreadsheets (i.e. Excel) into shopping cart, secure user, and other system data tables
  • Add and update thousands of Shopping Cart products in less than one minute

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