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Web Blog Manager

Essentially the digital incarnation of newspaper and magazaine columns, Web Blogs are quickly gaining popularity with budding writers and experienced journalists everywhere! With a host of user-friendly features, the Soholaunch Blog Manager eliminates the technical barriers of Web Blogging, and lets you concentrate on what matters most - venting your frustrations, sharing idle thoughts, and telling the world who you are.

Quickly post and organize new entrie

Blog Manager - Post new entry

  • Create unlimited Web Blogs to cover a infinite range of topics
  • Compose and post unlimited entries to each subject
  • Enhance your Blog with links, images, tables, bullet lists, and text formatting
  • Automatically organize blog entries by the date you post them
  • All entries filed in Blog Archives automatically
  • Drag-and-drop Web Blogs onto site pages

Note: Blog Manager feature only available in full version.

Blog-powered templates on the Soholaunch Addons website

Many templates available on the Soholaunch Addons Website incorporate special content areas (think "boxes") that work with the Blog Manager feature. For example, you might use the Blog Manager to create a blog category called "Latest News", then set up one of those special areas in your template to display the title and first few sentences of the most recent 5 entries from that category.


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