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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) & Advertising

The number of people turning to the internet to find information on products and services is growing rapidly.

The desire to locate information quickly, efficiently and reliably has made the internet the nucleus of world marketing in the 21st Century.

Search Engines like Google, MSN & Yahoo have become the modern day ‘encyclopedia’ – you can search for products or services anywhere on the planet. However, their technology speaks a different language. The algorithm (criteria) that drives them is complex and foreign to most people.

If you have a web site that recognises and responds well to this criteria; you have a strong voice in the market. If you do not have a web site maximising your relationship to this code - you will NEVER be heard…

Over 1,800 web sites have now used our programs to increase their exposure on search engines. Giving you a voice, we offer you 4 of the most cost-effective solutions for advertising your web site on the Internet.

If you have a web site, you’re probably already aware of the importance that search engines will play in attracting people to your site. Our search engine submission service will let search engines know that you exist.

The SearchActivator™ program focuses on submitting your site to a small cluster of search engines which in turn feed 99% of the world’s search engine market. The majority of this cluster will receive your web site details in an automated fashion, while manual submissions will be employed for critical
search engines such as Google, Yahoo and MSN.

To greatly enhance the success and coverage of your submissions, an XML sitemap will be created for your site. The XML sitemap is what sets our submission service apart from most other services available today.

Search Activator
Introducing your web site to the world...

If you have a web site, you're probably already aware of the importance that search engines will play in attracting people to your site. Our search engine submission service lets search engines know you exist. An introduction, enabling your site to be seen by the most influential online networkers.

Basically there are 47 key search engines that supply almost all of the world's search engines. Instead of loosely submitting your site to 1000's of engines, our submission service focuses on these key engines ensuring your submissions have the best chance of success. These engines include Google, Yahoo, Live (MSN), Alta Vista, AOL, Looksmart, Ask, Netscape, Anzwers, Excite and much more.

Our team also creates an XML sitemap of your web site. This sitemap provides an easy way for search engines to crawl your entire web site. Sitemaps are also a mandatory part for getting listed on some search engines such as Ask.com.

Once your submission has been successfully completed, you will be sent a report detailing what was achieved with your submission.

Only $55

Search Optimiser
Preparing the ground for maximum growth...

Achieving top results on search engines is generally the best way to generate sales leads to a web site. The problem for most web sites is that they are lying in a dormant state with search engines. They need to be 'cleaned up' - so communication with search engines becomes crystal clear.

The SearchOptimiser™ program provides a step-by-step action plan for your web site to achieve top results. Once implemented, you are likely to experience quick and long lasting results for search engine positions relative to your business.

Order a SearchOptimiser™ today and within one week you will receive a link to your online report, detailing what needs to be done.

Once the recommendations in that report are implemented, you should notice a positive shift in your positions, within a short period of time.

Only $220

Search Commander
Planting, fertilising and harvesting success...

The SearchCommander™ program has set a new standard in the Search Engine Marketing industry. Using state of the art technology, this program will transform your web site into a formidable competitor on search engines. The SearchCommander™ is specifically geared towards top results on the Google, Yahoo and MSN search engines. These search engines control over 90% of all searches performed on the Internet.

To monitor your progress, you are provided with reporting on a monthly basis. These reports offer a unique insight into how search engines are responding to your site. They also feature a customised consultation from one of our SEO experts, who will be using the information gathered to pinpoint strategic opportunities for expanding your search engine traffic.

The steps in our SearchCommander™ program include:

Keyword List Generation

Our team will assist you in the creation of a list of keywords that will be used to optimise your web site.


Your site will be carefully submitted to the world's top 47 search engines. 1000's of search engines will feed off results from this key group, so it's very important that time is taken to ensure the submission is as successful as it possibly can be.

SearchOptimiser™ Report

Once your keywords have been confirmed, one of our SEO experts will assess your web site to ensure that search engines clearly understand your target audience. You will be provided with a report detailing a step-by-step action plan to bring your web site on track. Once these actions have been implemented, an increase in search engine exposure will quickly take place.

View a sample report here

Link Building Campaign

Prominent search engines, like Google, place enormous weight on the quality of links pointing to your web site. Links need to be managed with a high level of attention to quality. Our campaigns source 'ethical' links from the Internet, managing set up and ongoing maintenance. Every month, 10 new web sites will be contacted in an effort to increase your search engine positioning.

Dedicated Support

Our team is available for contact by email and phone from 8:30am to 5:30pm Monday-Friday EST. We pride ourselves on our response time, giving you prompt and informative answers.

Monthly SEO Report

Using state of the art technology, we will track search engine visitors into your web site. This high level of reporting will allow us to accurately pinpoint the areas needing improvement on your web site.

The reports display the following data:

  • Expert Advice from one of our SEO specialists who will use the data in this report to ensure that your SEO is kept intact and on track. We will also be able to identify new keyword targets that stem from the initial Assessment list. By gradually expanding the keyword targets over time, our SEO is following a more organic process, which works very well with the Google search engine.
  • Daily Visitors over the last month.
  • Daily Page Views over the last month.
  • Daily Search Referrals over the last month.
  • Monthly Visitors over the last year.
  • Monthly Page Views over the last year.
  • Monthly Search Referrals over the last year.
  • Daily traffic from Google, Yahoo and MSN over the last month (results displayed separately).
  • Monthly traffic from Google, Yahoo and MSN over the last year (results displayed separately).
  • Top 25 keyword phrases in order of traffic generated over the last month (traffic is displayed for each keyword phrase).
  • Top 50 Positions for each keyword phrase on Google, Yahoo and MSN.
  • Top 10 Entry pages to your web site with the list of search phrases used to find each page.
  • PageRanks for home page and resource pages.
  • Email summary. To ensure that you have received all emails from our team for the month.

View a sample report here

SearchCommander™ Lite -
No Link Building Campaign

$220 set up
$110 per month or
$1180 for 12 months (save 10%)

6 month minimum term

SearchCommander™ - Full Program

$330 set up
$165 per month or
$1780 for 12 months (save 10%)

6 month minimum term

Ad Commander

The Google Adwords program is the easiest online marketing solution for businesses today. Quickly have your site appearing on the world's top search engine, generating quality leads, with complete control.

Delivering quality results at the right price, a dedicated account manager will work with you to achieve your goals on Google.

Using a highly developed system of optimisation, we'll provide the online leads you need to help your sales grow.

After identifying your target audience, a list of up to 100 keyword search phrases will be generated for your approval. This list is well researched to ensure that you’re not paying a fortune for your Google advertising. We’ll also create 2 variations of Text Ads that will be optimised using a split-testing approach which allows us to tune your advertising to your target market.

Once approved, your account is set up and your Ads will start appearing on Google within minutes. Your account manager will then closely monitor your campaign, ensuring that it remains optimised for maximum gain. Each month, you receive a report outlining the results for the month. We also provide a 12 month history so that you can easily see the progress that has been made.

View a sample monthly adwords report here

$220 set up
$110 per month or
$1180 for 12 months (save 10%)
6 month minimum term

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