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In this section you will find what we call our Shared Hosting Plans. These are the plans for individual Domains and our biggest sellers

We offer these hosting plans on 2 types of servers - Linux and Windows

If you are not familiar with hosting and are unsure which is the best option for your site then the differences are as follows

Some 80% of Web sites around the world are hosted on Linux servers.

Our Linux based plans offer the added advantage of having access to Softaculous, a ready made 3rd party programme installer. Softaculous provides the ability for an easy install of over 200 ready made scripts and programmes such as Bulletin Boards, Shopping Carts, Blogs, Content Managements Systems (CMS) and many more. Full information on the range of programmes available can be seen here

If you have a "regular" web site or wish to take advantage of the features available with Softaculous then our Linux plans are the ones for your Web site

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Windows based hosting is for those with the requirement to run and operate programmes and scripts which will only function on a server with a Windows operating system

Note this has no connection to the Windows operating system you may have on your PC

Examples of these which are supported by our Windows Hosting plans are

  .NET 1.x, 2.x, 3.x, 4.x support
  .ASP scripts
  MS SQL 2012 Databases
  MS Access Databases
  to view the full features available please use the link below

IMPORTANT NOTE If you are selecting Windows hosting instead of Linux Hosting simply because you have either never heard of Linux or you have Windows on your PC please think again. Linux hosting is used by approx 80% of web sites in the world and offers far greater flexibility and features than Windows hosting.

So, unless you specifically plan to run a windows based script such as one of the ones listed below, we STRONGLY recommend selecting one of our Linux Plans for additional features and ease of use.

Should you have any queries whatsoever please contact us through our Live Chat or Toll Free Sales number

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If you have any queries about which plan is right for your needs please just click on the Live Chat facility (above left) to communicate in real time with one of our Sales Team or give us a call on the 1800 number



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