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Email Hosting

What is Email Hosting?

Email Hosting is where you have a domain name and do not require space to host a web site.

It may be because you are still waiting to have one created or are simply not ready yet

In the meantime you wish to be able to use your domain name to send and receive emails and to list on your Business Cards and Stationery

At Web Hosts Australia we can cater for your needs with a choice of 2 plans

One based in our Brisbane Data Centre and the other in our US Data Centre. Both provide the following features

Your own EMAIL management Control Panel to create and maintain your addresses
Unlimited Forwarders of one email address to another
Server based Mail Scanner including customisable SPAM Assassin so you can control what comes to your Inbox
A separate Webmail account for each Mail Box so mail can be accessed from any computer at any time
Unlimited Auto Responders so you can configure an automatic response to

The difference between our 2 plans is that while the Australian based plan provides a relatively faster service the US one has twice the amount of Bandwidth available on the account. This is the amount of traffic (email) which each provides and the difference is due to the cheaper cost of Bandwidth in the US.

If you have any queries about which plan is right for your needs please just click on the Live Chat facility (above left) to communicate in real time with one of our Sales Team or give us a call on the 1800 number


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