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In order to return something to the Community and in turn support Not For Profit and Charitable organisations we would like to provide Free hosting to these groups.

The types of organisation we have in mind are ones which might fall into the following categories:

Clubs and Societies
Amateur Sporting Organisations and Clubs
Local Societies
Special Interest Groups

The essential criteria is that you are registered as a Not for Profit or Charitable Entity for the sake of Tax.

I am sure there are lots more categories which we will become aware of and add to the list over time, so if your organisation/group does not come under one of the categories above then please contact our Sales Staff using one of the methods to the above left.

All we require in return is that you display one of our Web Hosts Australia banners on your site and link it back to our site (see below)

IMPORTANT - These hosting plans are ONLY for AUSTRALIAN registered NOT FOR PROFIT Organisations who provide an official NFP number or who can prove eligibility

NO applications will be accepted without this number or proof of eligibility - if you have any queries about eligibility please speak to one of our sales staff using the Live Chat facility

Packages Available

We offer a choice of 2 packages. One hosted here in Australia and one in the US. The difference between the two is that the cheaper cost of Bandwidth in the US allows us to offer greater resources on that plan and is designed for larger scale, busy sites. If you are unsure which would suit your needs please contact us for advice.

Both options come with the full additional free features available on all our paid plans

PLEASE NOTE: A domain name is required in order to setup a hosting account, and are not included in the offer. If your organisation or group does not have a domain name you can obtain one from our domain registration website. Click Here to check availability of your domain name and then register your domain name if available when you signup for your hosting package.

AU based
US based
MySQL dbases
Set up


As part of our Community Hosting offer is that in return for the free account we require you to display one of our banners on your site and link it back to our site

A selection of these banners can be found here and should be linked back to www.webhostsaustralia.com.au


  • Banner must be displayed in a position which is visible to all site visitors
  • Banner must not be shaded, faded or altered in any other way
  • Banner must link directly to www.webhostsaustralia.com.au

Should you not like any of the banners at the above location or feel they do not suit your site please contact us through the support system and we can custom make one for you

Please note this is a condition of eligibility for the Community Hosting plans and failure to conform to the above conditions may result in the suspension of your site


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