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Hosting Orphans

FREE Transfer from your current host

CREDIT for any remaining pre paid time with your current host

  • Currently with a Host who is not giving you the service you have paid for and expect?
  • Your site not available all the time?
  • Email intermittent at best?
  • Resolutions of Support requests measured in days rather than minutes or hours?
  • Support not being handled by Level 3 Techs the first time?
  • Feel trapped because you have paid in advance and don't want to lose the money you have paid out?


Through the Web Hosts Australia Hosting Orphans programme we will credit your first invoice with any amount remaining on the plan with your current host !

For example you have paid for 12 months in advance with your current host and after 3 months you wish to move to the security and reliability of Web Hosts Australia we will deduct 3/4 (9 months worth) of the amount you paid your current host for the year, from your first invoice with Web Hosts Australia

The credit is available up to the value of the plan and payment period you sign up for

Simply Fax a copy of your last invoice to 1300 13 39 61 and a custom invoice will be generated and sent out to you for the balance payable. Plan signed up for must be for the same domain name as the invoice credit is being claimed for

Why are we doing this?

It's quite simple really. As one of the oldest and longest running Hosts in Australia we have been contacted by too many dissatisfied clients of other less reputable and reliable hosts

When this happens we have always gone out of our way to make it as smooth a transition as possible to Web Hosts Australia

Unfortunately these occurrences have become all too frequent and we wish to return something to the community and restore their faith in Australian Hosting

Yes. it costs us money, as we are effectively hosting sites for free during the credit period but we are secure in the belief that after that period is well and truly over we will have obtained a client for life. Safe in the knowledge any concerns about the quality of their hosting are well and truly over

You are not out of pocket in the short term and we gain a customer for life in the long term. What we call a Win - Win situation!

If you have any questions about our Hosting Orphans programme or possibly do not have access to a Fax please just contact our Sales Team using the Live Chat facility or call 1800 00 99 80

Quality Hosting and Support are a right not a privilege !


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